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Muon beam cooling is crucial for the feasibility of a muon collider. The nominal cooling scheme for colliders is based on ionization cooling, and for muons this is done at the energy range of 200 MeV. It is important to keep the muons at or above this energy becasuse of the short muon lifetime. However, there are several problems with this method:
  1. The cooling channels are technically complicated.
  2. The cooling achieved is only in the transverse direction.
  3. The total cooling may not approach desired levels.
We are investigating the possibility of bringing the muons down to keV or sub keV energies and then reaccelerating them. An equilibrium energy can in principle be achieved if the particles are subject to a constant accelerating force once they are in this energy range. This leads to drastically reduced phase space for the muon beam.

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Last Update: April 5, 2005.